Vision Science Pointers:

Retinal Reference - Retinal anatomy, math, physiology and psychophysics
The Vision Science homepage
Color and Vision Research Labs (UCSD)- handy downloadable data-sets with references and explanations
International Light's- Light Measurment Handbook
University of Vienna's Retinal Cell Biology group - includes some nice photoreceptor images
Vision Pointer Lists: EVL at UIC's A computer animated movie into a human eye
The Whole Brain Atlas
Kolb & Goede's "The Neural Organization of the Human Retina" - the beginning of a very nice hypertext document which includes movies and images (at Utah).
A nice set of Optical Illusions
Digital Journal of Opthalmology
Neural Simulators: Smith's NeuronC (Manual) | Hines & Moore's Neuron (Manual) | De Schutter's Nodus (comparison of simulators)
Dates in Vision
Numbers in Vision
The Optical Society of America | Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) | Society for Neuroscience | Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
Vision Research
American Academy of Optometry
Handy Vision Measuring Units (Photometry, Contrast, Retinal Space...)
Basic Color Theory for the layperson by UW Publications
Step-by-step illustrated dissection of a cow's eye
Penn Seminars: IRCS | Neuroscience | Psychology | MIPG
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