What does it mean?

First of all, Seikatsu Taikoku is not my Japanese name. In fact, I'm not even Japanese (nor is my name Edward, to the surprise of some). So what's the deal behind Seikatsu Taikoku, you ask?

Well, sometime in 1992, the New York Times ran this article summarizing a speech given by the Prime Minister of Japan. In the speech, he declared that Japan, now a major economic superpower rivaled by no other country, needed to turn its collective attention to more important matters: leisure. He then spent the rest of the speech highlighting how Japan, within the next decade, would strive to take over the world of leisure. He then proclaimed that Japan's next goal would be to become Seikatsu Taikoku, literally, lifestyle superpower.

Well, to make a long story short, I decided that if the pursuit of leisure was important enough for the entire country of Japan, it must be good enough for me. I figured that in the anonymity of the Internet, it was better to give the impression that I was a well-rounded individual constantly in pursuit of a good time. Besides, who wants to hear that what I really enjoy in life it to spend countless hours in my windowless office doing research in visual science?

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