Andrew's Resume

1815 JFK Boulevard, #2515 Philadelphia, PA 19103-1701 Tel: (215) 898-7536, FAX: (215) 898-9871 OBJECTIVE ========= A technical team leader in product oriented projects requiring strong communication skills EXPERIENCE ========== Laboratory for Retinal Microcircuitry, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Research Assistant to Prof. Peter Sterling, 1991-Present * Statistical signal processing (ideal observer analysis) of the primate retina * Code development in MATLAB script language, C, Motif, Postscript, HTML, C-shell * Systems administrator for heterogeneous Unix workstation and Windows PC network * Image processing using MATLAB, XV, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop * WWW site administrator (URL University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Teaching Assistant * Cellular Neurobiology (Bio 211, Dept. of Biology) Spring, 1993 * Introduction to Digital VLSI circuits (EE 560, Dept. of Electrical Engineering) Spring, 1991 Rockwell International Science Center Thousand Oaks, CA VLSI Design Consultant 1990-1991 * Single chip, 25 neuron Hopfield network in 2 um CMOS designed and tested using Magic, Cadence, and SPICE. Computation and Neural Systems Laboratory, Caltech Pasadena, CA Undergraduate Researcher to Prof. Christof Koch, 1987-1989 * Created real-time test bed for analog VLSI sensor with mixed mode circuitry * Developed primate visual system computer simulation in C. EDUCATION ========= University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience exp. May, 1996 * Thesis "Signal Processing in the Primate Retina", advisor Peter Sterling Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences August, 1990 California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering June, 1989 AWARDS AND HONORS ================= * Systems and Integrative Biology Training Grant Fellowship, Upenn 1990-1993 * Dean's Fellowship, Upenn Dept. of Compter and Information Sciences 1989-1990 * Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Caltech 1986,1988 NON-ACADEMIC WORK EXPERIENCE ============================ Caltech Alumni Fund Pasadena, CA Chairman, Young Alumni Campaign 1994-present House Chair/1989 Class Chair, Young Alumni Campaign 1993-1994 Ware College House, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Residential Graduate Fellow 1992-1995 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ====================== Conversational Chinese (Mandarin and Taiwanese) and French. Enjoy cycling (road and mountain), tennis, badminton, Internet surfing, backpacking, clarinet and piano. References and publication list available upon request