Stages of the Ideal Observer Model

The following is a stage-by-stage description of the retinal model that I feed into my ideal observer. The entire model is implemented with the MATLAB simulation software. So far, the retinal processing that I'm about to describe is completely linear. All noise sources are modeled as independent and Gaussian. Obviously this is not a complete description, as I am still actively working on this for my thesis. If you have any questions or comments about this work, please e-mail me. Also, please do not cite this work without my permission.

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  • Pre-neural factors:
  • Initial Stimuli Generation
  • Ocular Transmittance
  • Macular Pigment Transmittance
  • Linespread/Chromatic Aberrations
  • Neural factors:
  • Cone Action Spectra
  • Cone Array Parameters
  • Phototransduction/Cone Integration Time
  • Axonal decay
  • Cone Coupling
  • Post Coupling Noise
  • Ideal Observer
  • Stimulus Generation

    This is where I will put all my information about stimulus generation...

    Ocular Transmittance

    This is where I will put all my information about ocular transmittance.

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