Simulator Documentation

To use this simulator, you will need two things:
  • MATLAB installed on your computer.
  • The script files containing the simulator itself. (I will include a link so that you can download the necessary files).
  • This page takes you through the nuts and bolts of the simulation. It also assumes some basic familarity with MATLAB. If you desire a more detailed description of the biology behind the simulator, you should look at the description of stages of the ideal observer.

    Starting the simulator

    To start the simulator, first make sure that the simulator script files are in your MATLAB search path. Start MATLAB and then type:
    >> sim_main where the '>>' is the MATLAB prompt.

    Entering parameters

    Once you start up the simulator, typing "1" for help will start up Netscape and bring you directly to this page. Next, you should immediately be prompted to input a series of parameters for the simulation.

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