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Who I am

I am currently a scientist at a not-so-young start-up company in the Silicon Valley called Synaptics. Since starting at Synaptics, I've done a variety of things including chip design, program management, and (god forbid) some product marketing. Unfortunately, this leaves me with little time to update my web page so don't be alarmed that this web page suffers from major link rot. Until 1996, I was a neuroscience Ph.D candidate here at the University of Pennsylvania working with Peter Sterling in the Laboratory of Retinal Microcircuitry. During graduate school, my primary research interests was signal processing in the primate retina and how to use biology to improve artificial visual sensing devices.

Before becoming a graduate student in neuroscience, I received a Masters degree in computer science at Penn. Prior to that, I was an undergrad at Caltech, where I received a bachelors in electrical engineering.

Vision-related Pointers


Outside of the lab, I like to spend my time bicycling. I now ride for the Peninsula Velo cycling team based in the San Francisco Bay Peninsula Area.

Other Stuff

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People I know...

Here are some links to family pictures some of the best (and possibly worst) friends a guy could ever have. If you are not on this list, it's probably because I don't know you or I don't know that you have a web page. If you'd like to be added (or taken off), please send me e-mail. Note: Due to contractual obligations, links to women have been deleted since June 10, 1995.

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